The "Alternative" to a traditional Plumbing Showroom...

  • Saves the home buyer time and frustration
  • Gives excellent selection of high quality plumbing fixtures, faucets, and accessories
  • Coordinates with the Builder and Plumbing Contractor in advance to complement their projects
  • Recommends products that are readily available
  • Takes into consideration budgets and contractor allowances
  • Keeps your construction project on schedule

How the "In Home" Consultation Service Works

Your Builder establishes the standard list of fixtures in your contract and an allowance if any for "extras,"

This list is reviewed with the Bimco consultant

The Bimco consultant calls to set up an appointment to review your plumbing fixtures

At your home, the builder's office, our showroom or the place of your choice, you meet with our "Plumbing Fixture Consultant." After selecting fixtures from the "Showroom Selection Guide, your order is priced, agreed upon and communicated to the Plumbing Contractor and Builder.

A copy of your order is provided with pictures of your selections. Your order is placed and materials are set aside to meet your builder's schedule.



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